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Overview poster project

Remember our rule of thirds had to go back to the layering system and toggle that visibility on. You could toggle it all on and off so you can have it there the whole time you're designing. Or if it bothers you-you can talk it off some having it toggled on and you can kind of see the small kind of lines that were created. So let's see if we can't position things according to these lines that will maybe make it seem a little cleaner. So I'm going to take the logo and size it up so it fits perfectly in that bottom box bottom middle box. We could even align the top 10 content writing companies in India little M of the parson's dynamics Web site to the right of this line. Take the Eyedropper Tool and resize our phone number to the same size and can maybe tuck it over to this side.

And kind of see how it helps guide us and make certain design choices it's not perfect. To see this little laptop of the box here. Now it's a little bit hard to see I should probably go ahead and change that. So it's a little bit darker. See if I can't do that let me unlock this for top 10 content writing companies in India and see if I can't make that stroke a little thicker for you. There we go. That's much better. Let's go ahead lock that layer and go back to our other layer. So I notice this box is the best digital marketing agency in India so close to that other first layer of boxes. Let's go on. Go ahead line them up because why not it's not going to affect our layout too dramatically OK. And let's maybe arrest this line here or have it start here.

Session 1

We'll have to finesse this typography first before we continue further what could even crop the photo so it comes down here on this middle part. But then again we got to see top 10 content writing companies in India designers first this is just a guide. It's not it's not science. Let's go and toggle this off and must do one more thing. I'm going to do my view and go to grids or I can do my little shortcut and do command quotation and get my grids on kind of see what the grids say you can use the rule of thirds or you can use the grids as kind of guides and sometimes you have to kind of shift certain elements out to be able to see the grid center underneath. So, in this case, I might maybe align it to the grid system the topography here.

Session 2

Let's play around with this font choice and get our headline situated and then we'll be able to kind of go back to the grid and get everything kind of nicely laid out so let's get this headline nice and situated. So in terms of font choice, we have toggle the grid off. We had a couple of font choices when we were developing the logo that we went with. And we did a custom version of the logo for top 10 content writing companies in India so we don't have necessarily a typeface that matches the rounded corners. So we're gonna find something that's close. So this is as a black. This is what we used to develop our rounded corners down here so we're going to use that as our main headline font choice. I'm going to go ahead and drive out the Eyedropper Tool.

Session 3

Go ahead and sampler text and we have lower case use for our type of person. So we could play around with the idea of also keeping this lower case to kind of have a design. And what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go to the character panel which you can find over here or you can find up here. I'm going to use the top 10 content writing companies in India one right here. Good Tuck transparency away. OK. So have the character panel on your player on the spacing here and let me first make this white. There we go. So this spacing is way too wide. There's just this a gap it doesn't feel very connected.

Session 4

So we're going to connect these a little bit. We're going to go to the character panel and we're going to set the letting. It's called letting and that's just the spacing between the lines. We're going to tuck this nicely. So see how that Y is nice and tucked into that space is closed. It's not so tight that it overlaps. There's a little bit of breathing room but not a huge gap. That's what we're going to look for. So now that we have kind of our font choice and letting situated we have also the spacing between the type and with lowercase letters I like to have a little bit of tighter spacing.

Because if you do I'll go and show an example of why you're spacing with lower case type. It feels a little disconnected so let's bring it back to the negative twenty-five. And we want top 10 content writing companies in India for this to be the largest element we want to have a balance with our designs. We want to make sure things some things are larger and some things are smaller. That'll be kind of our big kind of grabber headline. We also want to adopt this. Let's go ahead get the Eyedropper Tool sample this and go ahead and hold down shift and make that a lot smaller we could even play around let's see if we even have an italic I think with this typeface. I don't have a choice to make it italic and that's OK because we have a second type choice we can have this dynamic down here in the logo see this I believe this is railway so we can just on the group this text.

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